Gobble it Up: Plastic Cutting Board Care


(source: http://www.outdoorpros.com)

Wondering about how to care for those stinky plastic cutting boards you have? You wash your boards, dry them, stack them away and yet, the next time you reach for the cutting board it has a mildew-y smell? What can you do?

We suggest this: First, place a dry dishcloth on the table. Place the washed and wet cutting board on the dishcloth. Use another dishcloth to dry the first side, then flip it over and dry the second side. The dishcloth on the table will soak up some of the wetness from the second side. Without the second cloth, you will just re-wet the cutting board. The two dishcloth approach will thoroughly dry your plastic cutting board so next time you reach for a cutting board, it will be clean and smell good.

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